A Framework for the Fine-grained Evaluation of the Interactive Narrative Experience.

Sergio Estupinan - University of Geneva

Interactive digital storytelling differs from traditional linear media since each execution of the same prototype produces a different set of narrative events according to the user’s actions and other factors (including random factors).

In this talk Sergio outlines an evaluation framework for characterizing players’ narrative experience of interactive prototype. This framework is  based on the concept of ‘continuation desire’ as an indicator of engagement, and is designed to collect subjective data during User Research sessions, as well as analytics from the prototype. In Sergio’s example, players’ feedback is collected using the in-game interface, thereby minimising disturbance or interruption.

The talks presents the findings from a study using this approach, presenting an overview of the player’s evolving engagement during the story.

The framework provides the necessary data to characterize the narrative situation before the interruption (number of options, types of options, options chosen by the user, etc.) allowing to explore correlations with the levels of engagement. Qualitative data is also available, particularly the reason why users wanted to continue and what they intended to do next.

Sergio will also present a number of other narrative testing methodological tips, including recruitment and coding approaches, as well as thoughts toward the next iterations of this novel approach.

  • Category: Case Studies / Methods / Narrative
Sergio Estupinan, University of Geneva

Sergio Estupinan is a Ph.D. student at the Learning and Teaching Technologies (TECFA) unit of the University of Geneva, where he works on the multimodal Fine-grained Evaluation of Interactive Narrative Experiences. He uses both Affective and Data Science along with self-reporting to identify insights regarding user engagement of Interactive Digital Storytelling systems.
His research experience lies in the fields of Interactive Digital Storytelling, Virtual Reality and Affective Sciences (see his ResearchGate page). Sergio’s academic background is in Computer Science and he also holds a European Master in Media Engineering for Education. Prior to academia, he worked for the international organizations sector and as e-learning specialist (see his LinkedIn profile
In addition to his Ph.D., he co-organizes the Video Games meet-up of the University of Geneva, where twice a month gamers and scholars meet to play and explore the scientific and educational potential of video games.

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