High Impact Opportunities For User Research With Mobile F2P Games – Learnings From Lean Startup And Digital Services

Mia Lähteenmäki - Rovio

This presentation from Rovio’s Mia Lähteenmäki presents concrete research opportunities and examples for User Researchers to provide essential and business-critical information for free-to-play game teams.

It concludes some new viewpoints that a game user researcher needs to understand regarding his/her user research, marketing and product management in F2P environment.

These viewpoints are essential and drive parts of user research done with the F2P game team, in addition to the more traditional games user research.

The learnings are from software/internet services industry that has been transformed by lean start-up thinking and SaaS (Software as a Service) business model for even longer time than games. When applied to mobile free-to-play games at Rovio, they have given new insights on how user researchers can best help game teams to develop kick-ass games.


  • Category: Business Models / Case Studies / Future of GamesUR / Methods
Mia Lähteenmäki, Rovio

Mia Lähteenmäki has worked on user research for over 13 years. The rise of the mobile phones she experienced first hand at Nokia Research Center and made her change her focus from software engineering to concept development and user research and UX. Developing new things and learning new things is what makes her tick. Besides working on industry research, Mia has studied usability and user research in academia. Her main interest, though, is at very practical level: how to do effective user research that makes an impact within development teams. After co-founding a start-up and learning the lean approach hands-on, she joined Rovio to use everything she has learned so far to help developing best in class game services for the players.

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