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Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) develops, publishes, markets and distributes hardware and software for PlayStation consoles.

As part of SIE Worldwide Studios Europe (WWSE), the User Research Team was formed in 2008 and is based in London’s Soho district. They have worked on more than 100 titles, including popular games such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Infamous Second Son, Bloodborne and Until Dawn as well as VR titles such as RIGS Mechanized Combat League, PlayStation VR Worlds and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. The team works closely with developers from across the globe to ensure that player-focused insights are integrated in PlayStation games and hardware throughout the development lifecycle, and that research is at the heart of the PlayStation experience.

The Sony WWSE User Research Team is hiring! For more details visit More information on PlayStation hiring

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PlaytestCloud is the complete solution for remote playtesting mobile (iOS & Android) and browser games. We deliver high-quality video and audio of real players playing games with minimal hassle and fast turnaround time.

Get real player feedback in all stages of development – from concept tests and prototyping, through soft launch, and after release. Choose from short, single-session player experience tests or surveys, to more in-depth, multi-session playtests or longitudinal studies.

Save time, lots of it: We find the players, manage the setup, and handle the technical details, so you can spend more of your time studying the player experience. We also provide seamless collaboration through easy-to-share links, annotations, and team accounts.

We have the players, and we have the technology to help you reach them in their natural environments. Think-aloud audio, screen-touches, and surveys included with each video: team@playtestcloud.com

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Nordeus is a mobile games developer from Belgrade, Serbia. Founded in 2010 by three determined friends with a passion for gaming, Nordeus is now more than 160 people from over 15 different countries and is still completely independent. It’s flagship title, Top Eleven, is the most successful online sports game ever made with more than 170 million players. Its new title, Spellsouls – Duel of Legends, brings a high fantasy world and AAA quality graphics to mobile.

More information about Nordeus

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Ubisoft is a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services, with a rich portfolio of world-renowned brands. We build worlds that are a playground for the imagination, offering moments of surprise, fun and adventure as well as opportunities for learning and self-discovery.

User Research occupies a central position in the company player centric strategy. The UR teams support the developers throughout the whole development cycle, from conception to post launch. Ubisoft’s first user research department, the Editorial User Research Lab, was formed in 2002. It works closely with the HQ stakeholders and the dev teams on all the company’s line up. It also supports the local UR teams in Europe: France (Montpellier, Lyon, Annecy), UK (Newcastle), Sweden (Malmö) and Germany (Dusseldorf).

We are always looking for passionate professionals to join our teams so feel free to come and have a chat with our team members!

Ubisoft jobs

Player Research

Player Research are industry-leading and award-winning research and games analytics specialists based in the UK and Canada. Their clients include EA, Wargaming, LEGO, Bandai Namco and more, and their portfolio spans more than 1 billions players globally. Player Research are hiring in the UK, Canada and Asia.

More information on Player Research

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