A Player-centered look at Spending and Advertising in mobile games

Allen Bevans & Pat Samermit

Mobile games are played by more players from more diverse backgrounds than console or PC games. Mobile games also often monetize gameplay through a combination of in-app purchase and ads. While a lot of widely-shared research and industry commentary has focused on effective and ethical strategies for getting players to make in-app purchases, relatively little has been shared about how to design user-friendly and effective in-app ad experiences.

This talk will present recent findings from Google UX research across several product areas, focused on *why* mobile players choose to spend on mobile games, and *how* they engage with ads in mobile games. In particular, the talk will emphasize how key aspects of player’s gaming backgrounds and gaming motivations, combined with ad strategies used within mobile games, drive both positive and negative experiences with in-game ads.

Interested in an evidence-based framework for maximizing both player enjoyment and business value with in-game ads? This talk is for you!

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Allen Bevans

Allen is an experienced games researcher and educator who has presented at other UX conferences on both games research and UX research practice in general (e.g. Radical Research Summit 2016, internal EA UX Con). Allen loves using a wide set of player-centric research tools to help teams design awesome experiences around player’s needs and motivations. He’ll also talk your ear off about the problematic ways the gaming industry uses the terms “”hardcore”” and “”casual”

Pat Samermit

Pat is a Ph.D. Candidate of Cognitive Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her dissertation work is on embodied cognition and humor. She was also a UXR intern on the Consumer Display and Video Advertising UX team during the summer of 2017, and she loved every second of it. If you have any want to know if you’re empirically funny or not, you should chat with her.