Experimental Research Showcase

Our 2018 microtalks format will be a round-up of several talks focused on discussing Experimental or Foundational Research.

From boardgame playtesting, to player attribution, developing UX principles, and experimenting with Twitch, this session has a little bit of everything. Presenters will detail a portion of their research followed by a brief Q&A from attendees.

  • Category: Microtalks
Developing UX Principles for Google - Harvey Owen, Player Research

What can stop a game being fun? How can we ensure a great experience for our players? Player Research present 6 ‘UX Principles’ – designed for Google – to design games with players truly in mind

Boardgame Playtesting & Participatory Design in Games - John Brieger, Brieger Games

Learn how involving players early can radically shape a product – turning players into active participants in the design process. Covers basic participatory design techniques and tips for moderating multiplayer research sessions.

How Player Attribution can Broaden our Understanding of Player Experience - Ansgar E. Depping, University of Saskatchewan

When does success elicit pride rather than apathy? When does failure inspire grit rather than frustration? Attribution theory can help game user researchers understand how players experience success and failure in games. We present a new tool to measure player attribution.

Experimenting with Twitch: Motivations and Effects of Viewing Existing Channels - Lena Uszkoreit, graduate of the USC Annenberg Communication PhD

Representation on Twitch matters. Who the content producers live streaming your game are influences what Twitch viewers think about who plays your game. For example, women might be more enticed to try a game promoted by a female streamer.