Your Survey Sucks: Exposing Truth to Mobile Dev Teams Through Better Quant

Sarah Romoslawski

Glu Mobile we has made enormous progress in the way we deliver surveys to our mobile players.  Progress doesn’t come easy.  Every studio at Glu has their own infrastructure, culture, and predispositions on what impact UxR can have on their game development decisions.  This talk outlines how we navigated those challenges to create a lean, cost effective and efficient way of getting survey data from our players.

Covering tips, tricks and trip ups as well, Sarah will cover how to create great quant studies that will delight your stakeholders and impact their games.  We will cover survey best practices, mistakes we made that you don’t have to, alternative ways to find respondents, legal issues, and even automation.  We will also present trends we have seen over time as we continue to build and expand our quant service offerings.

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Sarah Romoslawski

Since 2014, Sarah Romoslawski has built and managed the UX Research central service at Glu Mobile Inc.  The Glu UxR team works across genres and products providing strategy, audience, player experience and usability insights.   Glu is known for titles such as Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Cooking Dash, Covet Fashion and many iterations of the Deer Hunter game.  Her research background includes studying mediated learning environments and the evaluation of children’s interactive products.  Prior to joining Glu, she led strategy and research with Kizoom Labs and did both game design and user research for the Sifteo Cubes alternative gaming system.  She holds an MFA in Arts, Media and Engineering with a concentration in Digital Technology from Arizona State University.