#gamesUR Summit Sessions
Games User Research SIG Chair Update
The IGDA GURSIG Chair will provide news about the SIG, including updates on our LinkedIn group as well as the …
The Gamer Motivation Profile: New Findings & …
Gaming motivations vary across gamers in important ways. This is a data-driven talk based on over 250,000 game …
Accessibility – Your Questions Answered
2016 was another momentous year for accessibility for people with disabilities. Not only with the continued ad …
Quantum Break – A Tour of Methods We Used To Tes …
This talk will cover the narrative side of testing Quantum Break, an ambitious product that posed some unique …
Introducing SWaGUR – Training the next gener …
The Saskatchewan-Waterloo Games User Research (SWaGUR) program is the first of its kind in Canada. This projec …
Qualitative Research: Why We Hired a Tax Researche …
When it comes to games, qualitative research is often treated as an add-on activity for questions that only co …
User Research vs. Data Science
User Experience (UX) research studies typically use small sample sizes, but benefit from the ability to get an …
Test All The Things: GUR Lessons From Mars And The …
User testing for DOOM (2016; id Software) and Battleborn (2016; Gearbox Software) required methodological inno …
Debating ROI for Games User Research
As games researchers, we spend our careers measuring squishy intangible things like “fun” and “engagemen …
Testing in VR: Practicalities and considerations
This Roundtable will discuss testing in VR with a focus on the methodological challenges and what to take int …
Reducing Biases in User Research
As games user researchers, our jobs are to provide unbiased views into player experiences. And the methods we …
Long term relationships: How to save the forest wh …
This roundtable will address how we get teams the best UX they need for the current crisis while preparing the …
Breaking into Games User Research
The aim of this panel is to answer questions and provide advice for new researchers trying to break into Games …
Guidelines for Inclusive and Accessible Games
As games and platforms merge with communication and media experiences, they cross over into the territory of t …
Testing Story and Character: Process, Learnings, a …
This presentation will outline the process of how Activision’s Central User Research team approached the tes …
Senior + Junior Speed Networking
Join us for a speed-networking event aimed at providing junior and intermediate members of our community netwo …
Keynote: Successful Storytelling with Statistics
People may not remember the precise stat you share, but if you build it into a story they can more easily reca …
Session Schedule
#gamesUR US 2017 Schedule
8:00 Track A Track B Foyer
8:15 Empty Registration, Setup, Breakfast
9:00 Opening Address: James Stanhope (NetEase) & Kevin Keeker (Sony)
9:15 Keynote: Storytelling with Statistics
J.D. Schramm (Stanford Graduate School of Business)
Posters/ Exhibitors
10:00 Break Break
10:15 Testing Story and Character:Process, Learnings, and Results
Phil Keck (Activision)
Senior + Junior Speed Networking Posters/ Exhibitors
11:00 Guidelines for Inclusive and Accessible Games
Tom Lorusso & Lauren White (Microsoft)
Panel: Breaking into GUR
Russ Williams, Hannah Murphy, & Meg Green
11:30 Roundtable: Long term relationships: How to save the forest when all the trees are on fire
Jason Schklar (Jason Schklar Consults!)
12:00 Break Lunch
1:00 Reducing biases in User Research
Jerome Hagen & Melissa Boone (Microsoft)
Roundtable: Testing in VR: Practicalities and considerations
Ben Lewis-Evans (Epic Games)
Posters/ Exhibitors
2:00 Test all the Things: GUR Lessons from Mars and the Last Star (DOOM & Battleborn)
Stephanie Puri (id Software) & Jonathan Cohen (Gearbox Software)
Fishbowl Discussion: Debating Return on Investment for Games User Research
John Hopson (Blizzard Entertainment)
2:30 Fishbowl Discussion: User Research vs. Data Science
Matthew White & Jenni Tremaine (Sony)
3:00 Vendors + Poster Sessions Vendors + Poster Sessions
3:30 Break Break
3:45 Qualitative Research: Why We Hired a Tax Researcher to Work on a Baseball Game
Ramon Romero & Molly Sirota (Sony)
Introducing SWaGUR – Training the Next Generation of Games User Researchers
Lennart Nacke (University of Waterloo)
Posters/ Exhibitors
4:15 Quantum Break – A Tour of Methods We Used To Test This Rather Odd Product
Deborah Hendersen (Microsoft)
Accessibility – Your Questions Answered
Ian Hamilton (IHDC) & Lauren White (Mircosoft)
5:00 The Gamer Motivation Profile: New Findings & Analytic Techniques
Nick Yee (Quantic Foundry)
Microtalks Various
5:45 Games User Research SIG Chair Update
James Berg
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