About the Advanced Researchers Workshop

Complete the submission form here! We recommend reading through the Submission Requirements & Tips section before submitting.

For the last few years, many members of the Games Research and User Experience SIG have repeatedly requested additional opportunities for senior and advanced members to come together and exchange knowledge in a more informal, off the record setting. In response to this feedback, a workshop dedicated to advanced research from veteran members of the games user research and user experience community will be offered for the first time the day after the #gamesUR Summit 2020. The workshop will be hosted at Ubisoft Montreal on May 15, 2020.

The Advanced Researchers Workshop is seeking proposals for micro-talks as well as topics for discussion in a breakout session format. Speakers (for micro-talks) will be expected to present for 5 to 10 minutes on a topic of interest to veteran games user researchers and/or UX professionals. Potential micro-talk topics include, but are not limited to, advances in methods, tools, recruitment, or analysis, as well as other relevant learnings, insights, and breakthroughs.

Please note that due to seating limitations at the venue, the attendance to the workshop will be capped to 50 participants. To nominate yourself to speak and/or participate in the workshop’s breakout sessions, please continue reading for more information.

If you are traveling to the Summit from outside Canada, you will need a passport to get into Canada.

Advanced Researchers Workshop Submission Process

Submitting the application is required if you wish to propose a micro-talk or would like to nominate yourself to attend and participate in breakout sessions. Currently, the workshop is planning to have several micro-talks (5 to 10 minutes in duration), with several minutes allotted afterwards for Q&A from the audience. Due to the anticipated high volume of submissions, please only submit one micro-talk proposal.

Additionally, we encourage those interested in speaking and attending to share the type of content they wish to see at the workshop in the application.

Submissions for the 2020 Advanced Researchers Workshop have closed.

If you are interested in submitting to the #gamesUR Summit, you can submit here.

Application Requirements & Tips

Your application to attend the Advanced Researchers Workshop must include:

  • Submitter email address, name, professional background, and organizational affiliation
  • If interested in giving a mico-talk, please indicate that you wish to do so
  • If proposing a micro-talk, please provide:
    • Talk title
    • 200-500 word abstract OR outline
    • Talk keywords/categories
    • Brief speaker biography
    • Any special requirements
  • Desired breakout session topics:
    • Topics/questions you would like to propose for a breakout session
    • What you hope to take away from attending the workshop
    • Topics you would like to hear about/discuss with others in a breakout session
    • Any thoughts on content

Here are some simple tips to help your submission get approved:

  • Write clearly and concisely
  • Have a clear/descriptive title for your micro-talk
  • Avoid product pitches
  • You may only submit one micro-talk
  • The talk outline should contain:
    • An outline of the overall position of the talk, e.g.: the elevator pitch.
    • The description should give a good idea of the story/journey of the talk and how it will support the position. Examples can be helpful here.
    • Strong takeaways and/or potential for follow up from attendees – make sure to include exactly what you expect attendees to learn or discuss after your presentation, and why this talk/dialogue would be valuable to them.

Micro-talks and breakout sessions at the Advanced Researchers Workshop will not be streamed or recorded. Acceptance notices for attending/speaking at the Advanced Researchers Workshop were distributed in late January. Confirmed participants will receive an exclusive code via email that can be redeemed at the Advanced Researchers Workshop Eventbrite page for an entry ticket.

Please note, the Advanced Researchers Workshop ticket will not be accepted as entry to the #gamesUR Summit on May 14th, 2020. To purchase a ticket to the #gamesUR Summit, please visit the Eventbrite page.

Selection Process

Preference to attend the workshop will be given to senior/advanced folks working in games user research and/or user experience design. Proposals from folks working outside a senior/advanced, managerial, or director role may be excluded if demand is high. Speakers and attendees will be evaluated on the quality of the proposed micro-talk or breakout session topic, as well as their proposed takeaways they are expected to receive from attending. Due to an anticipated high volume of applications, qualified attendees may be selected via random lottery if more applications are received than space will allow.