2022 #gamesUR Summit Committee

The #gamesUR Summit Committee is responsible for making this event happen every year. Below are the Committee Members for 2022.

This committee rotates on an annual basis, so if you are interested in getting involved, don't hesitate to reach out to anyone on the committee to figure out how you can help!

Ashley Guajardo


Dr. Ashley ML Guajardo is an associate professor (lecturing) at Entertainment Arts of Engineering, University of Utah. There she runs the Games User Research lab and teaches Games User Research classes for both undergraduates and graduate students. When she isn’t working or playing games, she loves cooking, walking her three dogs, and looking after her 7 tarantulas.

Twitter: @gamergrrl
Twitch: twitch.tv/professor_ashley

Hannah Murphy

(She / Her)

Hannah Murphy is a User Researcher at Activision and has been working in AAA games user research for over three years. She previously worked as a GUR with indie studios. Her favorite game genre is survival horror and enjoys the Resident Evil series and Dead by Daylight. Outside of work and playing games she enjoys being a cat mom to two senior cats and enjoys aerial silk and acting classes.

Twitter: @h_jmurphy
Twitch: twitch.tv/hannicattack

Luke Fraser

Assistant Director

Luke Fraser is a User Researcher at Sprung Studios, an external partner that delivers UX/UI designs solely for game developers. He holds a Masters degree in Information Studies from McGill University. Apart from playing FPS and metroidvania games, he spends his time in and around Vancouver, BC, hiking and spending time in the great outdoors.

Twitter: @luke_r_f

Colin Wheelock

(He / Him / They / Them)
A/V Lead

Colin Wheelock is a games user researcher currently working for UC Santa Cruz’s Games and Playable Media MS program. There, Colin helps run playtests, lab studies, and user insights for aspiring game dev students working on their thesis games. He thinks everyone should play Rez at least once.

Twitter: @Satchamobob
LinkedIn: Colin Wheelock

Ray Dosono

(He / Him)
A/V Assistant

Raymond Dosono is a User Researcher trying to break into the Games User Research industry. He previously volunteered at past GRUX events.

Twitter: @RJDos1

Mykaela Rogers

(She / Her)
Branding Lead

Mykaela Rogers is a User Experience Designer in Dallas. She is a big fan of indie games and a wide range of genres, and recently tried to play her first Dark Souls game (but it broke her spirit). Currently she is playing Red Dead Redemption II, Hades, Dead by Daylight, and attempting to platinum Hollow Knight. Outside of gaming, she enjoys reading, taking photographs on vintage cameras, and watching foreign films.

Lucy Niess

(She / They)
Content Lead

Lucy Niess is a Ph.D. candidate at Arizona State University where they study how people use video games and TTRPGs to explore their identities and communicate within their interpersonal relationships. When they are not nose-deep in whatever new topic that catches their eye or playing the latest Pokemon game that is out at the time, they are usually playing Dungeons and Dragons, playing music on their shamisen or taiko, or off eating something delicious.

Twitter: @minaminoteku
LinkedIn: Lucy Niess

Amy Debbané

(She / Her)
Content Assistant

Amy Debbané is a User Experience Researcher at Arctic Wolf Networks. Previously she interned as a User Experience Researcher at Stadia and still enjoys reading about and staying up to date with research in the gaming industry. When she isn’t playing action-adventure or RPG games, she is probably out taking her dog on a hike.

Chris Hugelmann

(He / Him)
Content Assistant

Chris Hugelmann is a PhD candidate at Ryerson University. His work at the intersection of games user research, user experience design, and critical games studies aims to improve how players perform identity and build community in MMORPGs. Currently, Chris is trying to finish the backlog of Steam games hoping to someday be played, while simultaneously playing several MMOs for his research and keeping up with his Destiny 2 clan.

Triskal deHaven

(He / Him)
DE&I Lead

Triskal is a User Experience Researcher at Meta, where he uses Qualitative methods to enable virtual reality developers to create their desired player experiences. He has extensive knowledge on Accessibility in Digital Games and Virtual Reality. When he isn’t working, he loves playing MMORPGs with friends, hiking with his Doberman, or working out at the gym with his partner.

Twitter: @TriskaldeH
LinkedIn: Triskal deHaven
Instagram: @gurdehaven

Esther Santos

Fundraising Lead

Dr. Esther Santos is a Senior Games Researcher at Immersyve and has been working in the game industry for over two years. Before starting her journey as a Games Researcher in the industry, Esther received a Ph.D. in Applied Health Sciences and conducted studies focused on active videogames and mental health.

LinkedIn: Esther Santos

Erika Wood

(She / Her)
Fundraising Assistant

I am an international Fulbright student from Austria studying Game Development at EAE and so happy that I attended Ashley's amazing GUR class - thank you so much for opening the world of GUR to us ❤️

LinkedIn: Erika Wood
Twitch: twitch.tv/sunnye_girl

Xan Smith

(They / Them)
Logistics Lead

Xan Smith is a Ph.D. student at The Media School at Indiana University Bloomington. There they study avatar creation and social play for gender diverse players. When not playing horror or role play games, Xan is gardening, obsessing over a new craft hobby, and goofing around with their husband and two cats.

Twitter: @bumblegumbees

Brady Do

(He / Him)
Logistics Assistant

Hello! My name is Brady Do and I am an operations coordinator at Blizzard entertainment. I recently started at Blizzard and was a General Manager at a Hotel in Las Vegas before making the move to Irvine, California. I am from the Pacific Northwest so my hobbies involve a lot of nature, but also sometimes I like to sit at home and play some video games. Currently seeking out the ever eluding RTX 3060ti.

John Nadra

(He / Him)
Marketing Lead

John Nadra is a Psychology PhD student analyzing the neural mechanisms of volitional attention using EEG, eye-tracking and fMRI in various capacities. He is currently pursuing freelance UX work and seeking further opportunities in games user research.

Twitter: @john_nadra
Website: john-nadra.com

Prachi Singh Chib

(She / Her)
Marketing Assistant

Psychology Undergraduate Student.

LinkedIn: Prachi Singh Chib

Lore Benson

(They / Them)
Marketing Assistant

Lore Benson is UX Research Analyst, based in Frisco, Texas. They graduated with a Master of Science from the University of Texas’ School of Information in 2020. Lore has had a passion for gaming since childhood. They’ve carried passion and love with them as they pursued their education in Research. They currently work at Epic Games as an Analyst on their UX and Playtest Team.

Nicole Damen

(She / Her)
PR Lead

Nicole B. Damen is an PhD Candidate at the University of Nebraska - Omaha (USA). Endlessly curious about why people do what they do, Nicole loves listening, reading and co-creating stories with people from all walks of life. Perhaps unsurprisingly, (MMO)RPG’s are her favorite game genre while horror gives her nightmares. She dreams of accessible technologies and sustainable cities.

Twitter: @thenicoledamen

Kirk Rodgers

(He / Him / They / Them)
Social Event Lead


Stephanie Puri

(She / Her)
Website Lead

Stephanie is the User Research Manager for Bethesda. When not working, you can find her outside gardening, hiking, or roller skating.
Please reach out to her on Discord if something is broken on the website :)

Eragon Ma

(He / Him)
Website Assistant

Playing video games at Tufts University.

LinkedIn: Eragon Ma