Diary of a Playtest Recruiter—You want me to do what? (and by when?)

The Playtest Recruiter’s goal is to fill a study with players that best fit the profile needed for a product. How do you find the right players without letting them know what you are looking for? How do you get someone to engage in conversation if they are not verbally inclined? How do you keep your sanity recruiting for 1-on-1’s, usability playtests, large scale playtests and multi-day playtests all in one week?

This presentation will feature example mistakes, lessons learned, and success stories focused on identifying the right participants, dealing with short turn-around times for unexpected studies, and the heart break of a canceled study (and how to mend that broken heart).

Attendees will have a better understanding of the recruiting role, challenges presented in filling a session, and what a recruiter needs to properly find the right players. This talk will be beneficial to Researchers using external recruiters, in-house recruiters, and you!

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Santino Garcia

Santino is the sole Playtest Recruiter for Activision’s Central User Research Team, handling all of the projects that the team support. Prior to his work at Activision, he was a Store Manager at Gamestop for three years, learning about various video game genres along the way. Having worked several years in customer services roles, Santino combined his lifelong passion for gaming with his learned ability to read people over the phone and in person to drastically improve the profile accuracy of recruited participants for the research conducted at Activsion.