Player Interviews 101: What Questions to Ask and How to Ask Them

Conducting player interviews is a fundamental skill of a Games User Researcher, and a well-crafted interview can provide insights that cannot be found using any other method. In this talk I will be providing advice, tools and lessons for conducting great player interviews, as part of usability testing, discussion groups, or even telephone interviews.

This talk will cover the following topics: how to structure an interview, how to write killer interview questions, how to listen and tips and tricks for getting the most out of player feedback.

The talk itself will consist of:
– Why are user interviews important? What data do we need to get from interviews that other methods cannot reach?
– Structuring an interview guide to get the most out of the session
– Writing the right kind of questions
– Spotting biased or leading questions
– Ensuring you are getting the most out of the player during the interview
– Key phrases for delving deeper, and advice for keeping everything on track

The audience will be able to take away plenty of knowledge about what good interviews look like, as well as how, when and why to conduct them. Although the key audience are GURs new to the field looking to brush up on a key skill, anybody with an interest in collecting player data will find useful content here.

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Harvey Owen

Harvey Owen is a Researcher at Player Research, an independent Games User Research consultancy based in Brighton and Montreal. Player Research has collectively contributed to over 500 games, with Harvey actively conducting research on almost 100 of those including those from franchises like FIFA, Life is Strange, Sonic the Hedgehog, Talking Tom, LEGO, as well as many indie titles.. The variety of project types available has meant he has been able to hone his skills in multiple disciplines, including usability analyses and playtests, large-scale playtests, diary studies and collaborative design.