Shaping Wastrels into Proper Citizens: Impacts of UR on We Happy Few

Gearbox Publishing User Research worked closely with Compulsion Games as We Happy Few evolved from its Early Access form to the full game released in August, 2018. The User Research Team conducted a series of tests focusing on comprehension, on-boarding, and pacing that helped reveal ways in which players were failing to learn the intended mechanics, features, and narrative of the game. Data helped inform key changes from the developers which created a positive impact on the product and user’s experience.

Audience members should learn about ways in which testing an evolving project can help inform key changes that benefit new players, how the structure of tutorials and early content can shape the emphasis of features and change user behavior, and how narrative comprehension can be improved through altering the flow of events. A final key takeaway is how collaboration between an engaged developer and publisher can produce a positive feedback loop between design and user research.

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Jonathan Cohen

Jonathan Cohen is the User Research Manager at Gearbox Publishing; he has a background in cognitive science and experimental psychology with over 15 years of laboratory research experience that he applies to games user testing at the studio. He has presented research
findings at academic conferences, universities, and at the Games User Research Summit. Outside of games research he enjoys tabletop gaming and organizes regular board game and roleplaying game events with colleagues and friends.