The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. UX Research in Pre-Production

A joint presentation from a Sr. Researcher and a Game Design Supervisor on a Triple A Title (MLB The Show) discussing the ups and downs of collaboratively running Pre-Production

Discussion will cover:

  1. How a research teams involvement in Pre-Production has evolved over the years due to candid discussions with dev teams on what worked and didn’t in previous experiences
  2. What is the researcher’s role in Pre-Production?
  3. How a researcher can get involved with Pre-Production

Attendees can expect to learn tips and tricks on how to make your presence at Pre-Production enjoyed, detailed examples of what Research can do to get invited, and uninvited, and tips and tricks on how researchers can get involved with Pre-Production.

  • Category: Talk
Molly Sirota

Molly Sirota is a seasoned Games UX Research Lead at PlayStation’s San Diego Studio, where she spends most of her time investigating the fascinating behaviors and thoughts of the ever-intriguing Sports Gamer. With her mixed background in anthropology, psychology, market research and games, she is able to take a multi-disciplined jujitsu approach towards understanding and communicating the needs of the gamers she researches.

Nick Livingston

Nick is Lead Designer at PlayStation’s San Diego Studio, home of MLB The Show. He is a regular speaker at PlayStation Executive Summits and Game Tech Conferences, and has played an advisory role for other PlayStation Worldwide Studios and games such as Santa Monica Studio (God of War), Naughty Dog (Uncharted 4), Insomniac (Spider-Man), Media Molecule (Dreams), Japan Studio (Gran Turismo Sport), and more.