Why you don’t need an army to run long term diary studies

Since its release in December 2015 Rainbow Six Siege has experienced incredible growth. The number of daily players has continued to rise and in-game content expanding to include over 18 different maps and 40 unique Operators. With a team committed to releasing new content every 3 months – what does that mean for new players trying to learn the game?

This talk will cover how we leveraged Twitch for a Diary Study with 24 players playing at home across Canada over the course of 10 weeks for 80+ hours and how the ‘Learning Study’ created a cultural shift within the top production focus to a mindset on learning while pushing the team to look beyond just telemetry and analytics.

Diary studies accumulate a lot of data. Over the course of 10 weeks, we accumulated thousands of hours of video, hundreds of questionnaires, interviews, and tracking points. With so much data getting collected, being agile was paramount to be able to provide regular insights to the team and not getting bogged down. I will cover which processes worked and what we had to leave behind in order to keep up with the changing focus of the production while still staying on top of our 24 players.

Lastly, I will share our key takeaways and how this study has shaped our own internal processes. What worked, what didn’t and what we would do differently next time (hint: Discord!). Finally, what has been the impact for the team. Through the ‘Learning Study’ we became experts on learning and created a lasting discussion space centered on and around learning far exceeding what we had ever expected.

Some key takeaways for attendees include:
– How to leverage Twitch or YouTube for your studies
– How to breakdown learning into hypotheses and KPIs
– Tips on how to run diary studies while staying flexible

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Lanie Dixon

Lanie is a User Researcher at Ubisoft Montreal on Rainbow Six: Siege and a member of the Steering Committee for the GRUX SIG. Before she arrived in Montreal, Lanie was the Co-Founder and Director of User Research at Octothorpe, an indie games studio based in Salt Lake City, Utah.