#gamesUR Summit FAQ

The #gamesUR Summit Committee is working on securing the venue for the 2021 event, and will announce information about the venue and date at a later time.

Ticket sales for the #gamesUR Summit 2020 have been closed and ticket holders will be reimbursed within the next few days via Eventbrite. Unfortunately, Eventbrite does not have a ‘bulk’ reimbursement option, so all purchased tickets will be refunded manually. We will process refunds as soon as possible! We appreciate your patience.

All Sponsors were sent a formal email from the #gamesUR Summit 2020 Fundraising Team. Please respond to that email to confirm sponsorship status for 2021.

Briefly, sponsors will be given the option to retain their sponsorship as well as any awards for 2021. Sponsors will have until May 14th, 2020, to make a decision regarding their sponsorship status for 2021. Sponsors who wish to withdraw their funding may do so and refunds will be processed by the IGDA.

Speakers can send an email to fundraising@gamesurconf.com if there are any questions regarding refunds.

Accepted speakers have were sent a formal email from the #gamesUR Summit Content Team concerning submission status.

Briefly, accepted speakers for 2020 will be given the option to remain on the schedule for 2021. The deadline for speakers to confirm the decision to keep a talk on the schedule for the 2021 event will be May 14th, 2020. If there is a need for additional talks, submissions will open to fill any remaining schedule slots on September 15th, 2020.

Speakers can send an email to content@gamesurconf.com if there are any questions about 2021 talks.

Feel free to ask questions in the #gamesUR Summit Discord or on Twitter. Questions that are posted on both will be added to this FAQ periodically.

Please contact the organizers at director@gamesurconf.com with any additional questions.

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