Now accepting submissions for the 2022 #gamesUR Summit!

Summit Theme

Our theme this year is METAMORPHOSIS!

Games user research is a field which metamorphizes in response to new challenges and new affordances. We need to acknowledge the ways we've adapted to doing research over the last couple of years as well as look into the future of the field. This year’s summit prioritizes talks centered on the following areas:

1. Beyond AAA:

Games user research is a competitive field with growing interest. Many of us are finding working outside the traditional AAA model of employment. We welcome talks from people who have gained experience through non-AAA work. Specifically, we welcome papers focused on how people have gained experience and/or made a career out of going indie, consultancy, academic labs or any other business model which doesn’t fit the traditional AAA mold.

2. How research has changed due to the COVID pandemic:

We realize that this is something that has been discussed at nearly every conference since the pandemic started, which is part of why it's not the main focus here, but its impact on the games user research testing landscape is undeniable. We therefore welcome talks centered on how studios have made necessary adjustments for testing.

3. #gamesUR Classic:

Even though we have many new people to the community, many of us are also established in the industry and we’ve got a lot to say. We welcome talks from seasoned user researchers focused on their knowledge and expertise, as well as retrospectives and reflections on the growth of games user research and the GRUX SIG.

How To Submit A Talk

Complete the submission form here. We recommend reading through the Submissions Requirements & Tips section before submitting your talk.

Submissions will remain open until February 2, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST.

All submissions will be rigorously reviewed by members of the Content Committee. Review criteria include: overall quality, novelty & originality, relevance to our audience, adherence to the theme, structure & organization, and clarity of takeaways. The best-reviewed submissions will be accepted and allotted a presentation time during the Summit. Please note that acceptance may be tentative pending any required additions, alterations, or clarifications requested by the Content Committee.

Submission Requirements & Tips

Please ensure your submission adequately addresses and justifies your desired presentation duration, area of interest, as well as intended audience.

Submission Tips:

  • ● Write clearly and concisely.
  • ● Have a clever/descriptive title.
  • ● Avoid product pitches.

The talk outline should contain:

  • ● An outline of the overall position of the talk, e.g.: the elevator pitch.
  • ● The description should give a good idea of the story/journey of the talk and how it will support the position. Examples can be helpful here.
  • ● Strong takeaways: make sure to include exactly what you expect attendees to learn, and why this talk would be valuable to them.

NOTE: Your full talk materials/slides are NOT required at this stage - only an outline or brief abstract needs to be submitted.

#gamesUR Summit 2022 submitters are asked to carefully consider the length, area of interest, and intended audience for their proposal. Limited number of submissions will be accepted for each duration, area of interest, and intended audience group to ensure largest variety of content applicable to as many attendees as possible.

You will be asked to provide a pre-recording of your talk.

Types of Submissions
  • Presentations: Describe completed or ongoing GUR work, with clearly defined topics and takeaways for the audience.
  • Panels: Discuss a topic of mutual interest from several researchers for which multiple expert perspectives are useful and insightful. Panel proposals are encouraged to consider audience participation, as well as having a panel moderator.
  • Roundtables: Openly discuss topics in a more freestyle format than a panel, where everyone present is encouraged to contribute to the topic of the roundtable. Roundtable proposals are encouraged to touch upon topics of broad interest, in either traditional or fishbowl format.
  • Back to Basics: Sessions on introductory topics relevant to anyone starting out in the Games User Research community, or more experienced researchers looking to expand their knowledge base in a particular knowledge area. Examples include breakdowns of commonly used methods or the uniqueness of UR in the gaming industry.
  • Workshops: Interested in running a workshop on how to perform a particular method? Consider running an interactive workshop where you can help others become familiar with how to enhance their research with new methods or approaches.
  • Posters: Present research conducted, including ongoing research or early findings. Posters will have at least 1 presentation time slot.
  • Other: Appropriate for content not covered in the formats above. Please be as specific as possible in your proposal to get a clear idea of what you are imagining for your session.

#gamesUR Summit has been running since 2008 and regularly has over 300 attendees from all around the world. Speakers have run the gamut from juniors looking to share an innovative new idea through to thought leaders in the industry providing their invaluable perspective. Speaking at the Summit is a great way to propagate information and share practices to help our discipline grow, but also to make future connections and grow your personal brand as a GUR practitioner in the games industry. It also doesn’t hurt that speakers get a free ticket to attend the Summit talks!

If you have any questions about submissions, reach out to the