Accessibility Statement

The #gamesUR Summit is committed to fostering a conference that is welcoming and accessible to all. We strive to be AA WCAG compliant on our website and have expanded our accessibility on both our website and for our in-person summit this year in an effort to continue improving our inclusive practices. Below you will find an outline of our efforts to create a more accessible conference experience for all, both online and in-person. If you have comments, suggestions, or feedback on how we can continue improving in future conferences, please email

The Summit

Regarding the 2023 summit event, we have ensured the following:

  • All presentations will take place alongside a live ASL interpreter video stream provided by Sign Glasses;
  • All presentations will be presented with Google live captions for day-of captioning and CART captioning will be provided by Sign Glasses for video recordings posted on YouTube after the conference;
  • A quiet room on the fourth floor accessible by elevator or stairs is available for attendees needing a quieter space to watch the presentations via a live stream
  • There is an accessible, gender-neutral bathroom located on the second floor that can be reached by elevator, escalator, or stairs;
  • All conference volunteers will receive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility etiquette training;
  • Elevator and escalator options provide accessible routes for those using mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes, crutches, prosthetic devices, and orthotic devices;
  • All speakers have been provided with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility guidelines for their presentations to encourage all speakers to make their presentations as accessible and inclusive as possible;
  • Onsite conference staff and volunteers dedicated to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility support;
  • Badges with the option to provide your pronouns.

Our website

We strive to make our website level AA WCAG compliant by performing manual and automatic checks to diagnose and fix problems identified. While some areas are not fully compliant at the moment, we currently ensure that the website has:
  • Distinct and descriptive page titles;
  • Ordered headings in the pages, giving it a logical hierarchy and flow;
  • Providing alt text for all non-text content;
  • Distinct and descriptive names for links and other interactive controls;
  • Providing alternative formats for any multimedia content that may be inaccessible to any demographic;
  • Providing sufficient color contrast for all the main content;
  • There isn’t any moving or flashing content;
  • There are no time-dependable action;

Website limitations

Given the limitations with the platform and templates used this year, 2023, we weren't able to integrate all measures we wanted and needed to ease the experience of all users. Therefore, these were some measures we couldn’t integrate:
  • There is no visual focus representation for keyboard navigation;
  • There are no links to skip content repeated across all pages;
  • The font in the header’s navigation and in the footers don’t have sufficient color contrast;
  • It is only possible to zoom text up to 170% before content overlaps, specifically, with the navigation’s pulldown menu;
  • Some of the website’s content isn’t currently accessible to screen readers, namely, the Sponsors and Program pages.

Other Digital Media

We want to have all communication accessible to everyone, and strive to ensure that through:

Statement date

This Accessibility Statement was last reviewed on May 21st, 2023, by the Diversity and Inclusion and the Website teams. If you have comments, suggestions, or feedback on how we can continue improving in future conferences, please email